Account Questions |  Titles and Registration

Most title and registration questions will be answered by your state's DMV.


Frequently asked questions

I recently purchased a vehicle from U.S. Auto, when will I get my metal plate?

Please review your state’s DMV site.

I am having issues with my first-time registration. The DMV says the vehicle title is still not in my name. How can I resolve this?

If it has been more than 20 days from your date of purchase, please contact the dealership you purchased the vehicle from.

I am unable to renew my registration. My registration has been suspended or I have received a notice from the state due to an insurance related penalty.

Please contact your state’s DMV.

I moved to another state, how do I register my vehicle and transfer my financed title to the new state?

Please refer to your new state’s DMV for its registration requirements. Many states require surrender of the existing title to reissue a new title. If your new state requires the title in order to register your car, please send a request for the title on Department of Motor Vehicles letterhead to U.S. Auto at

I just had a legal name change or was recently married or divorced. How do I change the name on my title and vehicle registration?

Please refer to your state’s DMV for its registration requirements. If the state requires that your name is changed on the title in order to register your vehicle, please fax a request for the title on Department of Motor Vehicles letterhead, along with your updated driver’s license and the document issuing the change (e.g. marriage certificate, divorce decree, court ordered document, etc.) to As the registered owner you will be responsible for paying the DMV fees related to the name change.

The primary account holder has passed away. What are the necessary steps to take to obtain the title after the account has been paid in full?

Please contact your local DMV. If you are not listed as a second owner on the title. Some states require you to have an Executor of the Estate, some require you to go through Probate, and some require an Affidavit of Inheritance with a death certificate, etc. If the account has been paid in full and once you obtain the required documents, please submit this documentation to

I recently paid off my vehicle; when will I receive my title?

U.S. Auto releases its lien on accounts that have been paid in full based on individual state rules and regulations.